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1 mile for every $1 you spend in eligible net purchases1 
(32,187 kms)

with first use2
| $0 INTRO

for the first year

(based on your
(up to $1,000)
on your first LATAM Airlines purchase3
(6,437 kms)

with renewal4

 Apply Today for the LATAM Visa Signature card.

There are two different LATAM cards: the LATAM Visa Signature® Card and the LATAM Visa Card. You will first be considered for the Signature Card. If you do not qualify for the Signature Card, you will be considered for the Visa card. These cards have different credit terms, as set forth here and different benefits as follows: The Signature Card earns 20,000 bonus miles after the first purchase is made, 20% discount up to $1,000 each year on first LATAM Airlines purchase, 4,000 bonus miles at annual renewal, earns 2 miles per $1 net eligible purchases made on LATAM Airlines ticket purchases, earns 1 mile per $1 net eligible purchases made anywhere Visa is accepted, 25% flight bonus for flying LATAM Airlines and up to 3 one-way upgrade coupons (based on annual spend). The LATAM Visa Card earns 15,000 bonus miles after the first purchase is made, 10% discount up to $500 each year on first LATAM Airlines purchase, 2,000 bonus miles at annual renewal, earns 1 mile per $1 net eligible purchases made anywhere Visa is accepted. This card is not eligible for double miles on LATAM Airlines ticket purchases, one-way upgrade coupons or the 25% flight bonus miles and may not offer the same Visa Signature benefits.


We may change APRs, fees, and other Account terms in the future based on your experience with U.S. Bank National Association and its affiliates as provided under the Cardmember Agreement and applicable law.

The creditor and issuer of these cards is U.S. Bank National Association, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. and these cards are available to United States residents only.

©2017 U.S. Bank National Association. All rights reserved.

All cardmember communications will be in English (in Spanish when possible). In the event of a discrepancy between the English and Spanish languages the English version will prevail.

Accounts must be open and in good standing to earn miles. Upon approval, please refer to your Cardmember Agreement for additional information.

1 Net purchases are purchases minus credits and returns.
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2 One-time new LATAM Visa Cardmember First Use Miles will be awarded when you pay your annual fee or use your card for purchases. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for First Use Miles to be credited to the primary cardmember’s LATAM Pass Mileage account. This offer is valid for new LATAM Visa Card accounts only. Previous accounts closed within the last 12 months will be reopened and no First Use Bonus Miles will be awarded. This offer may not be combined with any other enrollment offer.
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3 Cardmembers will receive a discount each year on their first LATAM Airlines or their respective Affiliated carriers’ purchase transaction made with a LATAM Visa Credit Card: 10% discount for LATAM Visa Cards and 20% discount for LATAM Visa Signature Cards. Discount applies to qualified purchases directly from LATAM Airlines, their affiliated carriers, Affiliated carriers include LATAM Peru S.A., Aerolane, Lineas Aereas Nacionales del Ecuador S.A. d/b/a LATAM Ecuador, LATAM Argentina S.A., Aerovias de Integracion Regional Aires S.A. d/b/a LATAM Colombia, LATAM Linhas Aereas S.A and any other related carrier that joins the LATAM Pass program. Only applicable for a LATAM US based purchase on, through LATAM Airlines call center and sales office, as well as U.S. based travel sites, partners and agencies holding a promotional/commercial agreement with U.S. Bank and/or LATAM Airlines Group S.A. in the United States. The discount will appear automatically as “LATAM Airlines Discount“ on the cardmember’s LATAM Visa Card statement no later than the second billing cycle following the date of the transaction. This discount will be applied annually and will be renewed each calendar year. The maximum discount per year is equal to $500 for the LATAM Visa Card and $1,000 for the LATAM Visa Signature Card.

If purchase is returned, full discount amount is forfeited.

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4 Allow 6 to 8 weeks after the Annual Fee is paid for your annual renewal Bonus Miles to be awarded to your LATAM Pass account.

 LATAM Visa Signature Cardholders will receive 4,000 bonus miles upon annual renewal. LATAM Visa Cardholders will receive 2,000 bonus miles upon annual renewal.
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